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Energy certification

According to RCCTE – buildings thermal behavior regulation (Law 80/2006) and RSECE – buildings HVAC systems behavior regulation (Law 79/2006), emitting regulatory compliance declarations (DCR) and Energy Certificates (CE).

Energy Audits for buildings

Analysis of the various forms of energy consumption that can be found in the building. Energy consumption characterization. Development of energy consumption rationalization plans. Monitoring and analisys of energy rationalization plans.

Fleet Energy Audits

Fleet characterization considering its technical characteristics, age, use, fuel consumption, mileage and costs of used energy sources and others. Development of an energy consumption rationalization plan. Elaboration of execution, progress and control report over the rationalization plan.

Safety with working equipments

Safety check of work equipment covered by Law 50/2005 concerning the minimum safety and health requirements for its use by workers. Elaboration of detailed technical report with all the findings and suggested improvements.

Maintenance Management

Development of maintenance plans tailored to the needs of each industry and to each equipment technical specifications. Costs and downtime minimization. Productivity and equipment’s life expectancy maximization.


Process optimization. Project and process support in engineering matters.


Provision of engineering advice.

Supervision and monitoring of work development

Work execution monitoring and verification of specified projects compliance.

Design verification

Analysis of your building projects, to make sure that they are according to your requirements. Confirmation that everything is in perfect condition to run and meets all the technical requirements which should comply with.

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